What is Cupping Therapy and benefits of Cupping Therapy!

Cupping uses small cups made from a variety of materials (glass, bamboo or silicon). The user applies the cup to their skin and suction creates a vacuum, which draws the muscles upwards into the device. It is established that the suction promotes blood flow and improves the circulation, leading to a reduction in pain & inflammation.

  deliver this in a hand held, electronic solution to all your health needs. Within the comfort of your own home, true relaxation can begin!
From a pregnant Jessica Simpson to athletic swimmer Michael Phelps and gymnast Alex Naddour, these well know faces have something in common. Similarly, the faces that grace our screens, such as Kim Kardashian, Justin BieberGwyneth Paltrow and Dwayne Johnston (The Rock).

All took to cupping therapy for their various ailments. While it’s all the rage now, Cupping dates back to ancient Chinese and Egyptian medicine. One of the oldest known medical books, the Ebers Papyrus, in 1500 BC details the Egyptian’s use of Cupping.

British Cupping Society (2022) details that Cupping helps with ‘’treatment and cure of a broad range of conditions; blood diseases such as haemophilia and hypertension, rheumatic conditions ranging from arthritis, sciatica, back pain, migraine, anxiety and general physical and mental well-being. ‘’

In further studies chronic Neck pain sufferers reported an increased quality of life and Physical function up to two years after cupping therapy (Leem, 2014). Another study Hong et al (2006) found significant decreases in back pain when users combined cupping therapy with anti-inflammatory medication.

While trends may come and go in fashion, some are here to stay. Trine JENSEN-BURKE, Editor of HER Magazine set out to try Cupping for herself. She explained how the effects of lockdown and home schooling had a negative effect on her health. After visiting a renowned acupuncturist, Amanda Nordell, Trine swears by cupping and is tension and knot free weeks after her session.


Images- Jessica Simpson: courtesy of Glamour 2022, Justin Bieber: courtesy of MsbeautyGuru & Michael Phelps: courtesy of Park (2016)









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Disclaimer: We suggest to seek advice from your doctor before starting any new cupping therapy.